5 Newsprint Ad Campaigns

While newsprint is a less popular form of marketing these days, there are still lots of people who subscribe to a printed paper. In fact, if your aim as a Marketer is to target members of the Traditionalist generation or older baby boomers, newsprint ads might be a great option for your product or service. Here are a few ads that prove the point as a great way to market to these generations.


“Five Minutes of Peace on Mother’s Day”

Nissan Mothers Day Ad

Link to Ad: http://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/nissan_the_colour_in_ad

  • Firm: Boys and
  • Girls, Dublin, Ireland
  • Company: Nissan
  • Title: The colour in ad
  • Published: March 2016

Objective: Woo mothers on Mother’s Day by giving them a coloring page for their child in the local newspaper. The ad gives a mother a few moments of peace on her special day.

Target Market: Mothers who might be the decision-makers in choosing the next family car.

Action: Consider Nissan as a company who designs for and understands the needs of parents.

Value Proposition: Nissan is providing you with a fun activity to entertain your child. If they understand your need for a few minutes of peace, what else might they understand and design for that caters to the needs of parents?


“Product Safety Called Out”

60 House Fires

Link to Ad: http://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/which_governments_lack_of_urgency_on_product_safety_called_out

  • Firm: Grey, London, UK
  • Company: Public Interest
  • Title: 60 House Fires
  • A Week. They’d Act Quicker If It Was Their Home.Published: April 2018

Objective: Inform the general public that the government is not moving fast enough to regulate and recall products that are known to cause harm in their countries.

Target Market: Older adults who might be more likely to spend more time at home and read print ads.

Action: Go to the website to help petition the government to publish an action plan on what they are doing to help consumers.

Value Proposition: By helping petition the government for an action plan, consumers, homes, and communities will be safer.


“Shouldn’t Every Day be Women’s Day?”

Today-womens day

Link to Ad: http://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/amcv_today

  • Firm: Fuel
  • Company: Public Interest
  • Title: Today
  • Published: March 2018

Objective: Bring awareness to violence against women by sharing average daily statistics on international women’s day.

Target Market: Newsprint readers in Portugal who may be unaware of both the statistics for abuse/violence against women and who may not have known that the day it was published was international women’s day.

Action: The call to action is to not just be concerned about women’s rights on one single day. The call to action is to do something about human rights and equality.

Value Proposition: By supporting AMCV.org the reader can do something meaningful to help women’s rights.


“Looking for an Ark”

Greenpeace Ark

Link to Ad: http://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/greenpeace_white_house

  • Firm: TBWA\PHS, Helsinki, Finland
  • Company: Greenpeace
  • Title: White House
  • Published: April 2007

Objective: Bring awareness to the fact that the USA was a necessary party to making the Kyoto protocol and agreement work.

Target Market: Awareness for readers all over the world that the US needed to sign the Kyoto protocol to extend the United Nations framework on climate change.

Action: Insist on US participation in the Kyoto protocol.

Value Proposition: US participation in Kyoto is imperative to the safety of the entire world. The US government had a duty to the world, not just the US to get involved in combating climate change.


“Hitler vs. Chaplin”

The Hat.PNG

Link to Ad: http://www.adsoftheworld.com/media/print/hut_weber_hitler_vs_chaplin

  • Firm: Serviceplan Hamburg / München, Germany
  • Company: Hut Weber (Fashion Hats)
  • Title: It’s the Hat.
  • Published: March 2008
  • Awards: Top 15 Greatest Minimalist Ads

Objective: Show the striking difference a hat can make.

Target Market: Older adults who would be reading the paper and not only understand the cultural reference, but also find the reference clever or funny.

Action: Buy from Hut Weber because a hat can really make all the difference in how you are perceived.

Value Proposition: Hut Weber has a sense of edgy humor and understands that your fashion choices can have bigger implications on how you are perceived by others. Buy from Hut Weber.

**All photos are from links referenced in each analysis**

Author: blueridgemtntwinmama

Blue Ridge Mtn native. Trying to live my best life and achieve "good person" status. Wife to a freelance/self-publishing author, A.D. White, and mama to my cute, funny, and mischievous b/g twin babies. I also have a day job as an HR, OD, Engagement, and Leadership professional in the hospital & health care industry. I have an associate's degree in Art, a bachelor's degree in Ethics and Social Institutions, and a masters' degree in Entrepreneurship. I write about my gorgeous life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC, raising twins, strengths-based leadership, and I even write about business and the entrepreneurial spirit sometimes. Dang, I love a good side hustle!

7 thoughts on “5 Newsprint Ad Campaigns”

  1. Hey Nancy,

    Many of your advertisement were great selections. I find myself intrigued with finding impact of advertisements and the methodology behind the advertisements. The 60 House Fires a Day advertisement was interesting. I think that the lack of text and the excess of space made me intrigued to read the advertisement. It can be a positive because sometimes saying less or appearing to say less in an advertisement can “say more” than other advertisements with larger text but an equal or close to equal amount of words.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nancy,
    Powerful choices with the “Shouldn’t Every Day be Women’s Day?”ad and the Greenpeace ad “Looking for an Arc.” I think the visual of the animals from the Arc looking up at the White House is interesting and extremely effective. The advertisement for “Shouldn’t Every Day be Women’s Day?” brings awareness to the frequency and geographical footprint related to the victimization of women.

    On a lighter note, I really like the Mother’s Day newsprint ad. My son is a young adult now, but I remember all to well that as a mother, you never really truly get a break. I think this is a clever way for Nissan to draw attention to moms on their special day. Great job! Jill

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Nancy,

    Powerful ads this week. the one about hats was striking to say the least. It catches the eye and then forces people to think. The today one was also great. it is hard to get people to stop and look at your ad. Perhaps just having in bold Today helps draw the eye and once you start reading the facts it is hard to not read more and thus be educated by it. I also appreciate the Greenpeace ad. It isn’t immediately clear what is going on but the image is stricking and leads you to want to figure it out. Nice work!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello Nancy,

    I agree with Jill and Beth. These were very powerful ads. The “Should Everyday Be Women’s Day” hit home for me. Growing up with my Mom 3 sisters, to now having a loving wife and beautiful daughter, I try my best to show my love and respect to the women in life. Thank you for your post.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I like the fact that your ads are all works of art that make you think. As you look at each ad you want to know more about the design before you. I feel like you are a very creative person and this shows in your work. Your work is very good, Awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The Nissan Color ad really caught my interest. I love interactive ads because I think that they really help to engage and capture the viewer. Not to mention, this type of ad is one that is memorable and maybe even something that audience members would keep around versus toss away. I think that this one in particular would strike a sort of sentimental or soft spot in the target audience’s heart (mothers).

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I like the product safety ad that calls the government out, very tongue in cheek type ad and I like it because of that. I also like the coloring ad because it adds value for the person that has picked it up! Very good work choosing ads for this section.

    Liked by 1 person

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