3 thoughts on “Logo & Brand Identity- A.D. White”

  1. Hi Nancy,
    First off, your husband is lucky to have your help launching his brand! I remember talking with an SME about Fiverr. I wasn’t sure if it was a quality service, so I appreciate seeing the results of using the platform. I like the way you broke down his brand into three sections. The one thing that stood out to me as somewhat awkward was that A.D.’s photograph is taken from a slightly higher angle, so he looks a little slumped forward, and abnormally short.(Although handsome and literary!) You might consider getting a better head shot for him.

    I like the logo for Asheville Hustle. It has an architectural feel, and reminds me of Asheville’s vibe. I am intrigued by the Bent Wrench part of the brand, and I’m not sure I fully understand how it is connected. Does he keep a tool blog or is this a collection of fiction that relates to his books? I will go check it out after my commenting!

    Great job filling out the brand identity and logo!


    1. Joy,
      LOL! on the photo! Yes, we definitely need to have some pro headshots done. I took that photo against our barn to meet his cover deadline and the reason he is looking up is that I said, “look up darning, you’re not 18”. It’s supposed to be a photo trick. He’s a foot taller than I am and he was, indeed, kneeling. You are the only person that has picked up on that, btw.

      On the Bent Wrenches piece, I too am a little skeptical, although in doing research there are lots of authors who use a fake business in a book as an “easter egg” and have real websites or blogs that link back to their book. I’m just going to wait and see how it plays out. He’s also developing an ‘Asheville Hustle’ site, so if one takes off more than another, so be it.

      Thanks for commenting,

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  2. Nancy,

    I am really enjoyed your journey in this course. Your thoughts on outsourcing the work that is not your specialty are important. Although I am inclined to agree with you, I found John Jantsch the author of our class textbook Duct Tape Marketing to be wise. To summarize his thoughts in this area he explains, that yes, leave the expert work to the experts, but don’t’ do so dismissively because it is hard, or you don’t know much about it. Instead he pushes us to be a invested project manager and that it will in turn save us time, likely money, and we will end-up with a better outcome all around.

    Thank you for sharing what website you used, it is something I really like, when our classmates explain the “hows” to each other, adding to that learning community. You hit the nail on the head.


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