Book Store Pitch- A.D.White

An elevator pitch is pretty simple. It’s a matter of conveying what you do and why the person on the other end of the conversation should care. An extended pitch, however, typically has a specific purpose. You are trying to get an investor, sell your product, or are asking someone to carry your product in their retail establishment.

For today’s assignment, I developed some talking points that might help a local bookshop understand who A.D. White is, what he writes, and why they should carry it.

I also developed a price list marketing collateral piece as a “leave behind”.


Author: blueridgemtntwinmama

Blue Ridge Mtn native. Trying to live my best life and achieve "good person" status. Wife to a freelance/self-publishing author, A.D. White. I'm an HR & OD leader and my most fun title is "mama" to my cute, funny, and mischievous b/g twin babies. I also have a day job as an HR, OD, Engagement, and Leadership professional in the hospital & health care industry. I have an associate's degree in Art, a bachelor's degree in Ethics and Social Institutions, and a masters' degree in Entrepreneurship. I write about my gorgeous life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western NC, raising twins, strengths-based leadership, and I even write about business and the entrepreneurial spirit sometimes. Dang, I love a good side hustle!

One thought on “Book Store Pitch- A.D.White”

  1. Hi Nancy!
    Great job on the extended pitch! It is a good idea to play on the Asheville tourism industry. (I love the pipe bookends in the first photo! Very steampunk!) A.D.’s new profile photo i just perfect! He doesn’t look extra-short, like in the previous headshot. And having met him at a daunting 6+ feet, I think that is important. This new photo looks smart, alternative, and a little sexy-nerdy, all good things for the kind of books he authors. Good job, there!

    I really enjoyed the review page. If I was a bookseller, I would be intrigued and ask a sale-person to go ahead and read this for the “local recommendations.” That is a powerful seller, in my opinion, to have such unsolicited reviews that showcase the location and intrigue in the book.

    The only suggestion I have is that you create a separate slide for the book signing, and for the options for how to retail the book. Book signing is an added incentive for the bookseller to shelve your books. Being able to attract people to their bookstore for a local-author signing is a big deal for independent stores. It offers you opportunities to create free press and word of mouth referrals. In fact, meeting authors is something that is much harder to do as an online seller, so you guys should really consider that a special aspect of your marketing! And being more direct about how they can sell your book might make them more likely to do so, especially with the next book coming out so soon.

    Great job, Nancy!


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