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To paraphrase one of my favorite business thought leaders, Marcus Buckingham, “we grow most where we are already strong”. I truly believe this sentiment. When we concentrate on what we are good at and work hard to develop ourselves in the subjects and endeavors where we are already strong, we become stronger.  Gone are the days where we should be dwelling on our “developmental opportunities”.

Human Resources has been my career for over the past decade. I am currently a director and intrapreneur for a large healthcare system. There, I lead the organizational development and leadership development for our healthcare system, a division of a larger healthcare company.

I have had the great fortune of reporting to senior leaders who have afforded me the autonomy and latitude to try new things, create new programs, scratch old ways of doing things, and foster growth in my people and the business. After all, if we “grow most where we are already strong”, as a leader, I have to spot moments of brilliance in my team members and focus them on having more moments like their best moments.

This blog was originally created as part of my Masters in Entrepreneurship from WCU. Most recently, I’ve started writing about my husband, A.D. White who is a freelance and independent author. I also intend on writing more about our twin toddlers and my most favorite personal title, “Mama”.

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